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Rock Star Dental Marketing is your go-to marketing agency for your dental office’s SEO writing (Social Engine Optimization writing). We serve dentists nationwide through internal and external marketing expertise, and our team of writers is ready to take on your SEO writing project!

SEO writing is the practice of writing content for a website so that it will be found and indexed by search engines. It’s also called content marketing because it’s used to attract and retain customers.

Search engines use complex algorithms to determine which pages are most relevant to search queries. Those pages are returned when someone searches for a keyword that matches the page’s topic.

You need good content that uses keywords appropriately to rank highly in search results. In the dental industry, this means pages filled with relevant information, including the keywords “dentist,” “dental office near me,” and more. 

SEO writing is a science, and it’s a science we’ve exacted. At Rock Star Dental Marketing, our expert writers specialize in finding your ideal client and telling them your story.

We combine keywords, search engine optimization best practices, and your story. This way, your ideal clientele can find you quickly and see what makes you stand out from the competition. 

Your story is an essential part of your business and will be an essential part of how we market you to your people. This is what our CEO, Jennifer Filzen, had to say about this practice: 

“We find that ideal audience, they come in to see you, and YOU do your magic. You do the smile transformation, whether orthodontist work, braces, teeth whitening, crowns, WHATEVER it is! The person can go off in the world and smile again. We are honored to be a part of that.” – Jennifer Filzen, CEO of Rock Star Dental Marketing


Our expert writers are ready to take on your SEO writing project! Rock Star Dental Marketing is here to take SEO writing off your plate and let you focus on what’s important to you–giving out beautiful smiles to your clients and keeping your business running!

Schedule a Discovery Session or contact Rock Star Dental Marketing CEO Jennifer Filzen directly at 408-833-9868. Learn how we can help you reach your nationwide audience; your Tribe!