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About Our services

As a nationwide marketing agency, Rock Star Dental Marketing understands reputation management’s importance in the dentist industry. We bring a unique tailored approach to patient review management, linking all your review accounts (like Google Reviews and Yelp), personally reading and responding to each individual review. Ensuring your voice, mission statement, and values, echo through the responses with our patient review management.

Rock Star Dental Marketing Provides customized Patient Review Management For The Dental Industry

We collaborate with managers, office staff, or owners to respond to negative reviews in a way that recognizes the frustration patients feel with dental and helps provide context from the business owner’s perspective. Rock Star Dental Marketing brings a third-party perspective, consistency, and outreach to patient review management that helps dentists focus on their daily operations.

Rock Star Dental Marketing is the nationwide category king of storytelling in the service industry. We bring our experience helping hundreds of clients reach their revenue goals and translate that to your specific needs and KPIs. We offer a customized approach to patient review management that you won’t find in the standard digital marketing agency. We live the give-to-get principle and believe in relationships over transactions. 

Contact Rock Star Dental Marketing today, and let’s take the stress of patient review management off your shoulders. Our highly skilled team of industry professionals makes it their mission to help clients nationwide remain consistent, compassionate, and patient-driven through our patient review management services. 

Schedule a free Discovery Session today, or call owner Jennifer Filzen at 408-833-9868, and let’s get started!