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Rock Star Dental Marketing is a dental marketing agency headquartered in Monterey, CA, serving dentists nationwide and internationally. Our origin story begins with our founder Jennifer Filzen, and her experience successfully marketing her music, becoming a GRAMMY-qualified musician, and translating that ability into a marketing empire.

Jennifer was determined to make the most of her first album, Sirena, so she put all her time and energy into marketing it on the budding social media scene, using Myspace, Facebook, & Twitter. With an extraordinary ability as an online digital marketer, Jen’s songs topped nationwide & international charts leading to a GRAMMY qualification!

Rock Star Dental Marketing was born of Jen’s incredible talent in the marketing field and Rock Star Marketing’s success in the wider service industry. We draw on Jen’s ability to bring a message and mission to communities nationwide and combine that with graphic design and web design from husband Rene, creating the foundation for a marketing agency dream team. 

At Rock Star Dental Marketing, we combine our team’s superpowers bringing the dental industry a comprehensive dental marketing agency capable of producing all your dental marketing needs. Whether it’s SEO (search engine optimization), Graphic Design, Web Design, Content Marketing, Copywriting, Review Management, Video & Media services, or more, Rock Star Dental Marketing in the agency for your practice:

“My ‘why’ is to bring joy to millions of people, and I achieve this each day with Rock Star Dental Marketing. We attract the people to your office, you work your magic, and they walk away sharing the smile they’ve hidden for years, finding the confidence they’ve never had, and feeling better about themselves. Together, we can bring joy to others!” – Jennifer Filzen, CEO of Rock Star Dental Marketing

Make Rock Star Dental Marketing your first choice, and let CEO Jennifer Filzen take your dental practice to the big stage. Schedule a free Discovery Session today, or call owner Jennifer Filzen at 408-833-9868, and let’s bring your dentist’s office to your target market, your Tribe.