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If you’re an international dentist looking for a marketing agency to promote international dental marketing, Rock Star Dental Marketing is here to bring YOUR story to the world. We serve dentists nationwide & internationally, and we specialize in translating what makes you so special to the world.

Rock Star Dental Marketing Features International Dental Marketing Services

There’s a fantastic opportunity for dentists in other countries to bring in international clients. Countries like the United States, Canada, and European countries feature high dental care costs and difficulty with insurance providers, which gives you the opportunity to answer those pain points through Rock Star Dental Marketing’s international Dental Marketing services.

International patients look for:

  • Enhanced urgent care
  • Leading dental technology
  • Increased attention to service
  • Concierge services
  • Lower prices compared to their home country


Rock Star Dental Marketing can help you answer all of these desires for your patients. International dental marketing is a market with great potential; you just need the right marketing agency to open the right doors. Rock Star Dental Marketing can bring your message nationwide to international dental patients needing better dental care.

Rock Star Dental Marketing is the category king in digital storytelling for service industries; through our expert social media, blog, SEO (search engine optimization), Graphic design, website management, and more. Our boutique marketing agency serves dentists nationwide & internationally, helping you reach your ideal client and your next million dollars in revenue. 

Contact Rock Star Dental Marketing today, and let’s take your dentist’s office worldwide with our international dental marketing services!

Our marketing agency can offer you social media optimization, blogs, optimization, standard operating procedures, and more! Schedule a Discovery Session or owner Jennifer Filzen directly at 408-833-9868. Learn how we can help you reach your tribe!