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About Our services

Rock Star Dental Marketing serves dentists nationwide with our customized blog writing services. Our marketing agency is an industry leader in creating customized, authentic content that connects businesses with their ideal clientele.

When growing your dental business, it’s essential to focus on everything that will help you get your next (or first!) million dollars. One of the critical things in this process is having a blog optimized for SEO and driving traffic back to your website. People search for “dentist” or “dental marketing agency” on Google every day.

If you invest in custom blog writing, you’ll be able to drive traffic to your site much faster—and make it easier for those who come across your blog to remember who you are. Your website will be more memorable and more compelling because of its information.

This is where Rock Star Dental Marketing comes in. Our team of superstar writers will learn your story, pinpoint what makes you unique, and help you recognize all of the value you bring to your community. We’ll brainstorm, research, and analyze blog topics that will drive your desired clientele to your website.

Rock Star Dental Marketing has been providing customized blog writing services to the service industry for over a decade. As a dentist, you know firsthand how difficult it can be to juggle many roles and drum up new business for a place people don’t necessarily want to be.

However, as your superstar marketing agency, Rock Star Dental Marketing also knows that people should want to come to the dentist, especially if their dentist is you! We can translate this to your client base through our customized blog writing services. This is how our CEO, Jennifer Filzen, see’s it:

“We find that ideal audience, they come in to see you, and YOU do your magic. You do the smile transformation, whether orthodontist work, braces, teeth whitening, crowns, WHATEVER it is! The person can go off in the world and smile again. We are honored to be a part of that.” – Jennifer Filzen, CEO of Rock Star Dental Marketing 

Ready for your customized blog writing services? Give us a call at Rock Star Dental Marketing! We serve the service industry nationwide and are excited to serve the dentistry industry with complete marketing offerings. 

Contact us at Rock Star Dental Marketing today for customized blog writing services! Our marketing agency can offer you social media optimization, web design, standard operating procedures, and more! Schedule a Discovery Session or contact Rock Star Dental Marketing CEO Jennifer Filzen directly at 408-833-9868. Learn how we can help you reach your tribe!