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State of the Art: Do Your Patients Know Your Dental Practice is the Future, Now?

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At Rock Star Dental Marketing, we specialize in helping dentists nationwide tell the world what makes them unique. As a successful digital marketing agency, we are intimately familiar with the value propositions patients want to see and the content and copywriting that converts casual followers to paying patients.


As a dental professional, you know that your field is constantly evolving. New technology and techniques develop daily, making it tough to keep up with the latest trends. If you want your dental practice to be successful, it’s important to stay ahead of the curve.


After all, your patients trust you to provide them with the best possible care, which means keeping up with the latest innovations in dental science & technology. But more importantly, discover what your clients value and answer their problems with relevant solutions; that is how your future-proof your dental practice.

Do I Need To Buy New Dental Technology For My Dental Marketing?

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Simple answer, no! What matters is how you market what you have, do, and represent and what that brings to your clients. Dental practices operate on a unique insurance and cash-based system that presents unique opportunities for dental marketing strategies.


That unique blend of cash buying power places more purchase power in the patient’s hands. Incentivizing them to shop around, and you want to be the message they see when they do. So, how do you answer their search intent?


Dentists Should Ask Themselves These Questions:

  • Why are my patients shopping around?
  • What are their pain points?
  • What matters most to them?
  • How can I be the solution to their problems?


If you find that your competition features advanced dental technology ahead of your practice, lean into other value metrics while you research options to modernize yours. Technology is not the only answer to a patient’s search journey. Everyone values something different, and finding the larger market desire matters more than focusing solely on your competition.

Rock Star Dental Marketing Helps Dentists Answer Their Patient’s Problems

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We look at it like a traditional pitch deck. Like you would approach investors in s startup, convincing people to back your idea and place faith in your efforts. We look at dental patients nationwide and consider their pain points, what they need from their dentist, and how your dental practice can solve those problems for them.

How Can Your Dental Marketing Answer Your Patients’ Pain-Points?

It starts with looking deeply at your target market, ideal customer, and what they need from their dental practice. Maybe you serve a primarily high-income area where customers are willing to pay for what they want but aren’t sure where to find it.


For example, patients might want:

  • A variety of crowns to choose from
  • To know your equipment is safe and sterilized regularly
  • To know your educational background and qualifications


Start with finding the pain points, which you can do in several ways, and Rock Star Dental Marketing can help you in that process. Market surveys, questionnaires, etc., are all effective tools for discovering pain points and possible solutions.

Rock Star Dental Marketing Helps You Future-Proof Your Dental Marketing

Remember, the fundamental rule of marketing is this:

“It isn’t what you want to say but what your customer wants to hear.”


By staying ahead of the curve and investing in dental marketing targeted directly at your patients’ desires and pain points, you can future-proof your dental practice. And by marketing the unique values that you offer, you can set yourself apart from other practices in your area, attracting new patients looking for a dental practice that meets their needs.

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Future-proof your dental marketing today and contact Rock Star Dental Marketing serving dentists nationwide. We combine data-driven digital marketing with customized content-writing and graphic & website design that translates your voice, mission, and values to your target audience; your tribe.


Schedule a free Discovery Session with Rock Star Dental Marketing today, or call owner Jennifer Filzen at 408-833-9868, and find out what makes us so special and unique!

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