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Facing Our Dental Fears

Jennifer Filzen

No matter what a patient’s reasons are for avoiding dental care, Rock Star Dental Marketing is here to help you bring these patients to a calm, understanding, compassionate, & kind dental practice that will take care of them; your dent. We specialize in bringing dentists and patients together, bringing your kind and compassionate message to a nationwide audience.


Some folks are terrified of dentists. Either they’ve had a horrible past experience with an unkind dentist or developed a severe phobia of dentistry; until the pain becomes too much. And some have severe claustrophobia that makes working on their mouths problematic.


What Dental Practices Should Consider To Help Patients Get Over Their Dentistry Fears

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Fear can be a big factor in avoiding the dentist, but also, so is shame. A crooked smile or browning, diseased teeth can make a person hide. Others are ashamed of the state of their teeth and believe that visiting a dentist will only result in judgment.


The thought of having to explain years of neglect to their dentist is a wall between the health they need. And they become locked in, unable to take a step forward.


It’s important to reach these customers with the message that modern dentistry is gentle, trustworthy, and can help. They need to know that they won’t be judged, but there will be a concern for their health and a determination on your part to ensure they save as much of their teeth as possible.


They need to get the message that dentists aren’t out to hurt them or make them feel bad about their teeth, that dentists just want to help them take care of their mouth so that they can avoid pain and have good oral health.


Rock Star Dental Marketing Helps Dentists Bring Care & Compassion To Nationwide Patients

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