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Do Your Dental Patients Know How Much You Care?

Brooke Dearman

For as long as you have been in practice, you have worked hard to treat every patient with the utmost care. However, dentist offices nationwide struggle to show patients how much they care about them. The good news is that there are ways to reach patients more meaningfully and show them that you genuinely want what’s best for their oral health with the right dental marketing agency.

Your Social Media Presence Is Important

You may be familiar with the term “patient-centered care,” which is precisely what it sounds like: healthcare is focused on the needs and values of the patient. And do you know where most, if not all, of your potential and current customers are hanging out? Social media!

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Dentists can benefit significantly from having an active social media presence. Showing a side of you that comforts, entertains, and educates will help remind your customers that you aren’t the bad guy–you’re a person who wants them to love their smile! No matter how terrific of a dentist you are, most people still have some anxiety surrounding their next visit to the dentist.

SEO Is A Science!

An internet presence is also crucial, but there’s a formula. You may think this sounds like typical marketing jargon, but it’s not. There’s an actual formula to ranking high on Google or other search platforms through social engine optimization, known as SEO. 

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And why does that matter?

People who have moved, don’t have any recommendations, or are searching for a new practice will search “dentists near me.” You want your website to be ranked high on that list! You can do this by ensuring your search engine optimization is on par for keywords in your area. Blogs, website SEO writing, and more can help boost this number. 


People are looking for dentists who will take the time to know them and understand their needs and concerns. Blogs and SEO can help with this!

Your Internal Marketing Is Critical

Your dental practice is essential to your community, and that community wants to support your success. Do you know who else is out and about in the community? Your staff! 

standard operating procedures

Your employees should feel confident enough, supported enough, and loved enough in your office that they want to spread the good news near and far about your dental practice. We support this at Rock Star Dental Marketing through expertly written standard operating procedures–these add value to your business as a whole! 

Ready To Discover Your Potential?

Give us a call! Rock Star Dental Marketing is here to take marketing off your plate and let you focus on what’s important to you–giving beautiful smiles to your clients and keeping your business running! We serve the service industry nationwide and are excited to serve the dentistry industry with complete marketing offerings. Our marketing agency can offer you social media optimization, blogs, optimization, standard operating procedures, and more! Schedule a Discovery Session or contact her directly at 408-833-9868. Learn how we can help you reach your tribe!

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