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Jennifer Filzen is the host of the TV segment “Ask The Doc” on BUZZ TV, and she would love to connect and invite you on as a guest. Rock Star Dental Marketing works with dentists and other service industry folks nationwide, and our marketing agency utilizes social media, podcasts, and more to help get your mission out there!

You can be featured on the show at no cost to you and without having to travel anywhere as we connect with modern chatroom software. Interviews are aired on a number of websites, including LinkedIn, and can be published on social media platforms to support your marketing efforts. 

Jennifer Filzen created the “Ask The Doc” show with the medical industry in mind, providing a platform where doctors and dentists who are passionate about their practice can showcase their mission, values, and what makes them unique. During the Ask The Doc show, we discuss your “why” and the value you bring to your community.

Rock Star Dental Marketing can also utilize this information if you choose to pursue our Search Engine Optimization, social media marketing, or blogging services. With a head start from your interview on the “Ask The Doc” show, Rock Star Dental Marketing can weave your story into your marketing. Here’s a link to one of the episodes:

In the search for your practice’s ideal clients, leave no stone unturned, and nothing unsaid. Today’s marketing requires the ambitious and sometimes daunting task of being everywhere at once. You want your practice to have a definite presence on potential clients’ social media feeds, be in their email inbox, and even be heard through headphones via digital marketing. Podcasts are a wonderful way to level with your clients and discuss your mission, what makes you a valuable asset to your community, and explain why your ideal clients will want to work with you. 

Schedule your spot on the “Ask The Doc” podcast today, free of charge, and share your message with a nationwide audience. “Ask The Doc” features medical practices & dentists, highlighting them and their companies. We would love to interview your practice and hear how you add value to your community. To book a time to be featured on the Ask The Doc Show, use the calendar on this page to schedule a time.

To learn about other services that Jennifer Filzen and her team at Rock Star Dental Marketing, schedule a free Discovery Session today, or call owner Jennifer Filzen at 408-833-9868, and let’s get started!