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Rock Star Dental Marketing is a full-scale digital marketing agency serving dentists and dental offices nationwide and internationally. We combine the art of storytelling, content marketing, graphic and web design, and data-driven advertising, maximizing our clients’ ROI and building lifelong relationships as a result. We specialize in helping dentists bring their stories to their ideal audience, their tribe.

Rock Star Dental Marketing brings a boutique approach to the nationwide dental marketing industry. We draw on our experience helping hundreds of clients in the service industry market and advertise what makes them special and unique. We do that through an all-inclusive approach to digital marketing; tailored specifically to the dental industry. Doctor and practice reputation is at the forefront of our approach; we consider liability, mission statement, and ideal target market when crafting your content marketing strategy. 

Rock Star Dental Marketing features a fully-staffed team of industry professionals, each bringing their own unique superpowers and specialties for your benefit. Our team features degree-holding screenwriters and international business majors, copywriting & SEO experts, graphic and web designers with over 20+ years of experience in the industry, and the Grammy-winning marketing maven herself, CEO Jennifer Filzen. We believe in relationships over transactions, and we can’t wait to meet you and your practice and begin our journey to your next revenue goals:

“We value relationships over transactions, always. Rock Star Dental Marketing wants to see you reach your next (or first!) million dollars. We do this by learning who you are and what your “why” is, and this makes it easy to be your personal cheerleader. Rock Star Dental Marketing will help you fall in love with your business again.” – Jennifer Filzen, CEO of Rock Star Dental Marketing


Let Rock Star Dental Marketing bring your dental practice to the big stage with our nationwide dental marketing agency. Schedule a free Discovery Session today, or call owner Jennifer Filzen at 408-833-9868, and let’s build & optimize your dental standard operating procedures today!